Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inverted Direction

My wise and Patient Spiritual Director has left on sabbatical for the year, so I've been in search of a director willing to take over for the year, and walk with me up to and then out of the Spiritual Exercises. (All presuming I'm accepted - this weekend, among various other writing tasks, I need to produce a draft of a several page spiritual autobiography!)

Over the last month, I've interviewed four potential directors, and done the work to discern the next step. And having discerned and decided, am ready to embark with a new director.

Over the last few years, my visits for direction have fallen into a pattern (hopefully not a rut!): a drive, a several mile silent walk through hedgerows where I might see fawns, hawks and cardinals, time for meditation, Mass, lunch in the old novitiate refectory, and direction. The new pattern inverts the old one in almost every particular: a train ride, a several mile walk through the noisy city streets of Philadelphia, direction, then lunch...outside in a lovely square.

Direction always ended with some chocolate treat pulled from Patient Spiritual Director's stash. A potent reminder to "Taste and see the goodness of the Lord." Before he left, I told him that while I was certain there would be new graces to be found with the next director, I would miss this particular graced moment!

The Spirit provided, however, and as I walked back to the train, I passed a marvelous chocolate shop. And tasted once again the goodness of the Lord...


  1. curious-- how often do you meet with your director?

  2. I've been going every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on mutual schedules...and what's happening in my life. My director on leave would remind me that I didn't have to wait exactly a month, if I wished to come consult, I need only ask.

  3. May this time be a fruitful one for you. :)