Monday, November 10, 2008

Grown up packaging

I admit it, my tastes are not entirely adult. Yes, I like thick, Greek yogurt - plain. And goat cheese, and dark chocolate passion fruit truffles...

But I also adore Hershey kisses, Tootsie Rolls and gummi bears. Today I stopped on the way home to get bread for dinner (a treat for my carb craving Crash). At the counter they had little packages of Gummi Pandas - pomegranate and white tea or blueberry antioxidant flavors. The packaging was seriously understated and discrete.

Clearly someone thinks that bashful, health-conscious adults who secretly adore gummi bears are a market niche. (I'm not bashful about it, as my Middle East travel companions discovered. When we stopped at an Oasis - the WaWa of the Middle East - I openly picked up a bag of gummi somethings as a late night snack!)

So what do gummi pandas look like? Exactly like gummi bears, you could mix them right in and you'd never know. I'm might have detected in a blind tasting the "refreshingly light flavor accented by the subtle sweetness of pomegranate" that the white tea is said to impart, but probably not!

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  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    They sound great...I'd like to try the pomegranate!