Friday, November 14, 2008

If God is in all things... he in the puns? Gannet Girl, Stratoz and I have been debating in comments what the Ignatian stance on puns might be. I quoted Ignatius' Principle and Foundation: everything has the potential of calling forth in us a deeper response to our life in God. Everything would include puns, no?

Gannet Girl thinks she has an idea of what my 30-days might bring - and she's likely right! Once accepted for the 30-day retreat at Eastern Point in Gloucester, I was asked to describe what qualities I might want in a spiritual director for the retreat. So what am I hoping for? "[F]or someone who can help me recognize when I'm pushing too far into the theological realms and nudge me back into prayer and reflection, and finally for a someone with a sense of humor." Or as a director on a retreat a few years back said - as he offered me some reading - "You can read it only if you can keep your theologian hat off!"


  1. I always have "sense of humor" on my list of director qualities.

    And now that I know that you are going to Gloucester, I have become 100% aligned with Elphaba in color.

  2. Thankfully, I've only once had a director where a sense of humor never surfaced.

    When I told the college president where I was going she said she was the same color as Elphaba, too!

    The bigger question is how will I survive sans I discovered there's not one there for retreatants to use.

    I'm going to have to write *real* letters (I'm practicing with Patient Spiritual Director, who is on his own sabbatical, away for 100 days - no email, no phone). And will people write me?

  3. is that a cry in the wilderness I hear for letters?

    I prayed last night, maybe that is why I am just a bit of a goofasss this morning. shared a bit of my two minds with God.

  4. ...I think that is indeed a plea for letters!

    When the time is at hand, I'll send an address, and maybe the Spirit will move one or two readers to write?!

  5. It could happen . . . on the condition that you post photos when you get back.

  6. demands---- hmmm, how about coffee sometime? and I will even give you a pun allowance. Actually more than photos, I want a great blog post about how it is to leave a 30 day retreat. I won't say I can't imagine it, but would like your view on it.

  7. Last time I posted photos of EP, people got jealous...

    dare I risk it again?

    I promise not only to post photos, but I'll even write letters back! Maybe even with photos inside. I'm not promising to leave the camera behind...

  8. and blog posts could happen to!

    Current Spiritual Director (who needs a better blog name) in our first conversation suggested "out of the Exercises" is a potent time, so I'm curious what it will be like, too.