Friday, November 14, 2008

Red Ink is Salvific

Red ink is bad news for a business, but it was good news for me. I prefer to write with a fountain pen (or a keyboard!), but they tend to clog. Various methods for unclogging them have never produced fantastic results, so I tend to buy inexpensive versions, then toss them into a drawer when they get hopelessly clogged.

I've tried soaking nibs in cold water, warm water, hot water, water with ammonia....but as a chemist I should have known the best solution. The chemist's basic adage when it comes to dissolving stuff is "like dissolves like". Ink, use ink. Red ink as it turns out. Sheaffer red ink is an awesome ink solvent. I dipped a clogged nib in it, put the cap on and two hours later my pen was as good as new! I'm off to resurrect more pens...

Photo is from Wikipedia by Ben FrantzDale.


  1. Nice thought Michelle. A good use for Red ink, finally. The only question I have is how the hell you can write with fountain pen. It’s like eating with chopsticks. Pencil is the best. The more it’s old and simple, more it’s fun and easy. You are special, I must say. Write with a fountain pen and keyboard. Two things I hate to write with. Even write this post takes me time, because I’m not use to it. I like more to read blogs, that to post a comment on them. But, once in a while I must post a comment, because I can’t help not to. Thank you for share this advice with us.