Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Romantic Moonlit Memories

Barnacle Boy noticed that tonight is a full moon. As we came back from skiing this afternoon, he also noticed that the sign was up for the "romantic moonlight dinner". The place where we are staying offers a once a week romantic dinner adventure, with a great perk for parents of young kids - babysitting is included! The parents ride up the ski lift with a bottle of wine, snowshoe across the ridge to see views of Lake Champlain and Stowe, the return for a candlelit feast in a hut on top of the mountain. The finale is a snow shoe down the mountain by moonlight. Meanwhile your kids are entertained at a pizza and ice cream party.

Sound good? A few years back, when Crash and the Boy were smaller, it did to us. Math Man booked it as a surprise for me. The kids were excited about their night out, too. The weather was clear, not too cold and there would be a full moon to illuminate the walk down the mountain.

Off we all went on our respective adventures. The ride up the chairlift was beautiful and the views from the ridge up top unparalleled. Our dinner companions were interesting, the food beautifully presented. Still, I was just picking at it. "Don't you like it?" Math Man murmured. "It's great, I'm just not that hungry." Soon, though I realized it wasn't just lack of an appetite, I was ill. Miserably ill, in fact. So ill, there was no walk down the mountain for me; the ski patrol took me down.

"So, do you want to do the dinner this year?" wonders Math Man. Some memories do not fade with time. I think not!

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  1. it is a good thing to have a brain that remembers stomach issues. just shows we still are a bit alive in an evolutionary sense.