Monday, March 02, 2009

Tied up for the day

We had snow. Enough snow to close schools (though Math Man still had classes). My kitchen was home base for home-bound pre-teens. By 9:30 they were on the move, off to sled. But Barnacle Boy, whose feet are growing by the day, needed to find a pair of boots. An old pair of Math Man's were found - and they fit! They were all kitted up and antsy to go, but the Boy still needed Mom for one last thing: "Can you tie my boots?" So I knelt at his feet and double-knotted them.

By 11 they were back, red-cheeked and hungry. The water looked to be half an inch deep on the kitchen floor as they shed all their layers. Barnacle Boy took charge of seeing that everyone got a hot lunch while I holed up in my study. As I went up with my tea after lunch, I heard him instruct the crowd, "We need to be quiet, my mom is writing!"

(Post script - at dinner the Boy wondered if they'd disturbed me. "No," I assured him, "growing up in a house with six kids, when I'm concentrating, I don't hear anything!" In retrospect, I'm not sure I should have told him that...)

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  1. it is only important if he was listening ;')