Sunday, June 28, 2009

Contemplative Sailing: Waiting on Grace

The gang went sailing today, hoping for good wind and no rain or thunder. The forecast called for "winds variable between 5 and 10 mph" - and the weather was as advertised. I took the boat out mid afternoon and as soon as I got to the far side of the lake, the wind died to a whisper. I set my sail, and patiently drifted back. There was nothing else to do - other than hold my course and contemplate. I felt like I was waiting on grace. I'd done my part, now it was in the hands of God - who sends the winds or not!

Later in the afternoon the wind started to pick up as the promised front moved through. Here I'm hiked all the way out to hold the boat down! I had one gib where I thought I might end up in the water.


  1. fun... at all speeds.

  2. I spent three days on the lake in CT that is home to my sailboat but alas between the rain and the calm... I'm hoping for better weather when I visit in August.

    That picture is terrific! It looks like a fun day.

  3. It was a most fun day and we're hoping for a repeat on Saturday. What do you sail, Kathryn? I'll hope for better weather in August!