Sunday, June 07, 2009

Laundry Magic

"Where did the pile of socks on the floor go?" wonders Math Man - trying to organize the laundry on a Sunday night.

"Maybe they crawled away under their own power," I suggested from the kitchen. "Crash put them in the hamper," offers Barnacle Boy. Math Man decides this is a better spot for them than the middle of the sunroom floor and calls it a night.

Fifteen minutes later, the Boy is back. "I don't have any underwear," comes the plea. I suggest where he might check. No dice, he's all out.

"Get me some dirty ones and I'll create you some clean ones by morning," I offer. He giggles at the thought of his mom waving her wand and clean boxers wafting their way into his drawer. Which reminds me -- time to put them in the dryer!


  1. I keep explaining to my kids that we have a magic portal in our house. If you put dirty clothes down the laundry chute, they magically reappear clean and folded in a laundry basket. This does however require the step of using the magic portal.

  2. ...does the magic work for you, too??

  3. It's a Chemist thing.