Sunday, June 14, 2009


Math Man and I enjoyed a lovely, last second dinner in Philadelphia last night. We parked near Rittenhouse Square and walked in the rain until we happened on this place. I loved the logo (choosing a restaurant by the sign, like wine by the label?) - which is not the meme of the Internet but Mémé. The food was terrific (sizzling mussels in a pan with lemon and garlic and...), and I could write a forever about the people watching. The two young women at the next table, with the Bohemian young man, one saying breathlessly, "so you get a stipend? You must be set, for like six years, in graduate school!" The woman of my age with curly dark hair in the most amazing red dress, it looked comfortable and chic - that I was too chicken to ask where she found it. The Palm Beach crows in Lilly P and heels and hair that was just too, too, done. The grey haired geeky couple...oh wait, that would be us!

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