Thursday, October 01, 2009

Reversing Direction

I had my last meeting with Urban Spiritual Director today. My regular director is back from his sabbatical and I've made an appointment to go up and see him in a couple of weeks. It was a bittersweet visit in some ways. I will miss the regular visits to parts of the city that I don't usually visit, the chance to light a candle (yes - this parish church has the real thing burning in the sanctuary, with candles spilling out of the rack onto the shelf next to the altar), the visits to the chocolate shop.

As I walked up the alley to the entrance of the church, I spotted the man who regularly interrogates me on my visits coming in the opposite direction. "Oh, good," I thought, "I get to see him one last time, too." We reached the church door at the same time, and I held it open for him, expecting the usual conversation to begin. His face was slack, his eyes held no sign of recognition. I said hello, but got no response. He came in behind me, wandered around the Church - then left without a word. I found myself ineffably saddened by this.

I left Urban Spiritual Director with a piece of glass from Stratoz.


  1. Your spiritual director is fortunate to have such a beautiful piece of glass. I like both the trillium and trilogy symbolism that Stratoz mentioned with the picture.

    I remember your last post about the homeless man. I can see how the lack of recognition would be unsettling.

  2. He seemed pleased! Yes, in some ways it was like the end of the 3rd week of the Exercises, this moment when you know that Jesus is dead, but not yet risen. I had come to see Christ in this man, and now I was seeing him "dead"...disconcerting and sad both.

  3. Michelle--- quite a trip you had. I have been watching a student reemerge to his old self. that's all I can say here.