Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last chance Gloria

Lent starts on Wednesday, and my community will strip down the music to a bare minimum. Some traditions fast from music entirely during Lent, a practice that sounds particularly penitential to my musician's soul. Different, yes. Sparser, fine. None? (Cue anguished wail...)

This year I'm actually looking forward to the sparser singing. I lost my voice before Christmas and still cannot sing, so I've been on a musical diet of sorts for weeks. Less music to hear, less temptation to exceed my imposed vocal restrictions. Still, I find myself craving certain songs, like a kid with her face pressed up against the glass of the chocolate store, dreaming of which piece she would choose, imagining the taste.

As we (or at least as everyone else) sang the Gloria today, I realized I won't hear it again until the Triduum, long weeks away. If I were to have only more taste of a Gloria, this might be the one I would choose!

Cross-posted (and slightly edited) from RevGalBlogPals's Sunday Afternoon Music Videos.


  1. All right, it would just about kill me to go on a music fast for all of Lent! As it is, today is the first Sunday in 5 weeks that I have played at church. It was tough, and I'm hurting a bit now. But worth it? Oh YES! Our Lenten penance will be to sing the "assigned" prelude, penitential rite and prayer of the faithful, which is tough in a guitar-only group. My challenge will be to do this with a good attitude.

  2. Barb...I'm glad you're up to singing (even if it's hard to sing after all the abuse those muscles took during surgery!).

    And the fast is stretching my soul, to be sure!!

  3. Unfortunately our 8 am choir is so ... ahem, I don't know how to say it otherwise ... bad that the idea of a fast is almost too pleasurable for it to be called Lent.

    We are stuck between a rock and a hard place .... "they can't sing or play" and "but they are volunteers" ... and so we go on.

    That may be why the Gloria you offered was SUCH balm to my soul!