Monday, September 27, 2010

Attenuating Email

I send an email, you respond, I confirm, you say thank you....

I've been using Gmail's priority mailbox - which does a reasonably good job of deciding which email I want to see (ok, it took a bit of training to discourage it from prioritizing reminders from the college about random activities - but other than that has been fine).

Sometimes I wish Gmail would decide for me when an email exchange is finished and file it away without further ado. Instead I read the latest addition to a thread, and wonder, do I need to respond, am I expected to respond, should I respond?

Figure is of an attenuator circuit.


  1. Unrelated: FrE mentioned at the Newman dinner that he was thinking of blogging upon advice from you. I told him firmly to on no account involve his blog title in Latin. "Every Catholic blogger does this to make themselves sound more credible!" Well, I did not mean *your* blog!

    FrE took the advice and mused thoughtfully on a possible Hebrew title.

  2. least mine isn't 'Catholic' Latin!

    And my irreverent response to you gave me the idea for this post :)

  3. Indeed! I would even have to Google the source*. (I assume it's a quote?)

    I did not notice that any reverence or lack thereof was involved. But I now realize that if you reply, it will make the commentary on the interchange longer!


  4. Katherine - Tenet insanabile multo scribendi cacoethes means
    "An inveterate and incurable itch for writing besets many" -- it's attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal.


  5. Thank you . . . I did see the translation underneath the title and appreciate the source.