Saturday, September 25, 2010

To do lists

It is the (recent) custom in our house for me to inscribe a list of chores on the door to which I expect the teens to attend. In return, I promise not to nag. There's an incentive to get to it early, since you have your pick of chores.

Since today's list ranges from "water the plants" to "dispose of body on doorstep" - there's a significant incentive to getting there early, and not be left holding - or should I say filling? - the bag.

The fauna are out in droves fattening up for winter, filling their larders. So is Fluffy. Today's score is Fluffy 2, Fauna 0.

For the record, Barnacle Boy tackled the worst first!


  1. My beloved Butterball ( a fluffy tabby) moved next door to my grandparents' when I went away to school, and deposited the entrails of a chipmunk for my grandmother at the back door early each morning. (The back door was the only one we actually used.) Never an entire corpse.

  2. Clearly Butterball was concerned about your grandmother while you were away!

    I going say I think I prefer the entire corpus to the entrails.

  3. ROFL!! Love the "body on doorstep" chore. Now that Big Brother is off to college, sometimes I have to call the Boy Next Door to deal with carrion in my yard. He's 14 and not squeamish. Of course, he's also not shy about waving corpses around in front of those who are!

  4. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Michelle re corpus preferences: Yes, except, on occasion, when the corpus is literary!

    It sounds like the flora(e?) score if they're getting watered.