Sunday, November 28, 2010


My brother, Geek Guru, and family came for Thanksgiving. When they arrived Wednesday night (bearing the yet to be cooked turkey), I was tucking various already prepared dishes into the 'fridge. Favorite Facebook Nephew watched me consider which small container to put where, moving one or two others to accommodate an odd shape. The light went on in his head, "You're playing Tetris!"

I can see it now, the opening screen is a closed refrigerator door, you open it to find a 3-D game zone, with various condiments, packages and leftovers hovering in the upper right hand corner. Level 1 does not include the door or small toddlers around your ankles. The goal is to pack it as efficiently as possible without dropping items to the floor, or leaving the turkey out on the counter all night.

tetris, v. intr. to pack a fixed volume with items of irregular shape under time constaints

Photo is from xkcd.

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  1. LOL! Sounds like a great game to me. I'm pretty good with spatial memory and figuring out "what fits where."