Monday, November 29, 2010

Silent Night - Not!

The Ironic Catholic opines that being forced to listen to Christmas music in the grocery store in November makes her feel (and I quote) like a "sleazy liturgical strumpet." I get it, I do.

One of the joys of winter in my life are night time walks through the neighborhood. The sharp cold, the clear skies and bright stars tend to provoke the same clarity in my nightly examen. I don't even mind the Christmas lights, for the most part. They seem to be just stars brought down to earth.

Except. My neighbors have created a display that blinks and flashes. In time to music. Music that I can hear. And no Rudolf, it's not Advent music.

Photo is copyright 2008, wallyg. From flickr.


  1. I never thought about it in quite that way before, but yeah. I get it too.

    My kids do also--both my teenagers are stoic "don't make me hear any Christmas music this early" people.

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  3. I tend to tune out the music in various stores, because the disconnect between meaning and the endcaps trying to get me to buy buy buy makes my head hurt.

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    AMEN! It is so not Christmas yet-the Christmas season *begins* December 24 vigil . . . speaking to the choir.