Thursday, September 22, 2011

Invisible gorillas and me

The commentary I wrote on women in science led to an invitation to be on Future Proof - an Irish weekly radio show on science (it's a great show - subscribe on iTunes, do....). The interview was recorded on the first day of classes, sandwiched between my history of contemplation in the West class in the morning and quantum mechanics in the afternoon. I was so nervous that afterwards when Math Man asked me what I'd been asked, I had to tell him I had not the slightest clue. Complete anterograde amnesia.

It made listening to the broadcast with my guys all the more fun, it was like an all new experience. Really, they asked that??

And the gorillas? They interviewed the author of the Invisible Gorilla. Watch the video and tell me how attentive you are!

My interview starts at about 31:00


  1. That was great!! I do love the sound of your voice, I have since I first heard your podcasts.

    It is interesting because I have been in several conversations of late about women in math and science. One of my neighbors, who is also a parishioner at church with me, was apparently a science teacher. She said she always excelled in math and science and (she is about 60-something) and that is was not always easy. (I was telling her about you.) Her husband is a retired English teacher - I love that.

    And glad the new lab has the right size seats.

  2. Every time I teach in that lab, I love that I can reach the center of the bench! Now if I could get them to put the controls for the cooling system in my afternoon class where I could reach them without having to climb onto the desk (though it does amuse my students to no end!)

    I'd love to hear your voice, too!

  3. I am listening to you!