Thursday, October 06, 2011

A different kind of luxury

How much stuff do you need? I had a wonderful lunch today, cooked over a mud hearth. Instead of quantum mechanics, I taught two students how to thread a needle.

We brought a gift from Pennsylvania to Kamikatsu - a piece of stained glass made by Wayne Stratz, riffing off the photos I had taken at my last visit to Nakamura. I bound photos of Wayne at work to show to Nakamura - and he very much enjoyed showing the students the hearth and tea pot that Wayne had captured in glass. The photo at the top is of the onions that got folded into the soup for lunch.

The adventures of the crew are here.


  1. glad I could be part of this trip, thanks for inviting me into it with the commission

  2. We had tea from that pot and over that hearth today..and I noticed your piece has been rehung, more securely!

  3. Hello! I noticed that the title of your blog post was the same as my book, "A Different Kind of Luxury" which is about Nakamura and Atsuko and their ways of life. My old friend Hank Glassman told me he might be taking a group of students to Kamikatsu. Hank may have shown the book to you, but it would be great if you let people know that they can read more about Nakamura and Atsuko in it. The full title is: A Different Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Living and Inner Abundance. The blog has some excerpts and some other information about Nakamura and Atsuko
    Hope you enjoy your trip! Andy Couturier

  4. Wayne, we were delighted to have you along in spirit.

    Hello, Andy! We have been reading your book, "A Different Kind of Luxury" for the course!