Monday, October 10, 2011


I feel like I've lived through Monday twice (which I have, or at least through a Monday that lasted 36 hours). We left the hotel near Kansai Airport about 10:30 on Monday (Kansai time) and arrived at JFK at 1 pm on Monday (EDT). It took us another 2 hours to get all the students cleared through immigration (it's slow for non-citizens), collect bags, and rent two vans. And then there was still a 2 hour drive home (with a van full of sleeping students, very quiet!).

It was lovely to land and find text messages from The Boy and Math Man greeting me. I've missed them, and Crash and Fluffy. The Boy made his amazing pasta for dinner tonight, a perfect welcome home meal.

What else I missed (yes, I've noticed it's all food):
  • The Boy's pasta
  • Chocolate (I haven't eaten ANY since September 25th)
  • Pizza
  • Meat (most of my meals were meatless)
  • Apples (lots of citrus and Asian pears)
There's food for thought here....

Photo is of baskets at Nakamura's house in the mountains above Kamikatsu.


  1. I'm no scientist, or mathematician. I'm a mom. The whole missing-food thing makes complete sense. To me, Food = Home. Also, Food = Love. (Therefore, it would logically follow that Home = Love. But I digress...)

    Glad you got home safely. The trip sounds wondrous!

  2. Home == Love for sure! It was a great trip...

  3. Welcome back to the Main Line... I enjoyed reading your posts from the road!