Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blogging Latin: nomen diarium cyberneticum

People for Others is celebrating its 1000th blog post, a milestone I'm anticipating sometime next year (the blog did get its 100,0000th visitor while I was away on retreat). My friend Fran wished PFO "ad multos annos!" (Latin, "to many years!") and then wondered if she could also wish "ad multos postos" -- to many more posts?

Latin isn't quite dead as a language, thanks to the Vatican's use of it for official documents and its consequent need for new words for ideas and objects ancient Rome never imagined. The Vatican maintains a list of recent Latin coinages. My favorites? Minigolf: pilamálleus minūtus and, I am not joking, hot pants: brevíssimae bracae femíneae.

Computer is on the Vatican list (
instrumentum computatórium), but neither blog nor post appears. A list of Latin computer terms (of unknown provenance, so take it with a grain of sal) offer a Latin version of www (ttt for tela totius terrae), but nothing for blog or post either.

I propose filling the gap with nomen diarium cyberneticum (an entry in a daily diary on the webs). Feel free to correct my grammar and to offer your own suggestions!

Photo is from Wikipedia.


  1. Oh Michelle, hah! A post about Latin that also includes my name. Now that is funny. Speaking of funny, that lexicon has no lack of festívitas!

    Thank you for this, which made me smile.

  2. What fun... Will delight my students this summer as it appears I am teaching English once again