Friday, July 06, 2012

Crash Redux

While I realize that particle physics is all the rage this week, I started my morning with a problem in classical physics. If two cars are traveling along nearly parallel vectors, one (illegally) in the center divider at 35 mph and one (half the mass of the first) traveling at 15 mph merging into the left turn pocket at the correct spot, predict the outcome. Use vector addition.

My Mini collided with a minivan this morning on the way to church, folding the side mirror over and leaving a scratch down the side of my car and a section of the wraparound bumper hanging off. Once the minimal extent of the damage to cars and people was established, I still managed to make it to morning prayer (though not to Mass). I thought myself relatively unruffled. I went to my place, marked my book, marked another for the Augustinian who usually sits next to me at Lauds as he was presiding and I knew he would be slipping in mid-hymn. The prior began, we sang, and I recited the antiphons. Then we stood up for the Benedictus. I said the antiphon, took a deep breath, intoned the first line knees turned to rubber. Adrenaline only lasts so long, it turns out.

Crash was away on a day long excursion with friends, so it was his turn to text me and make sure I was OK. And yes, first he was worried about me...then "his" car!

Photo is of my Mini on a MUCH cooler day than today. It's still well over 80oF!

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  1. Oh no! Crashy smashy... as long as you are ok. However, as someone who never had a car accident, who has had several in the past few years, OUCH!