Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sharp Melting Points

The Boy learned to make caramel at Thanksgiving (which seems so long ago).  Last night he asked me why the sugar melts so suddenly, not gradually, but collapsing into a puddle all at once. "Because it is a pure solid.  One test of the purity of a material is how sharp the melting point is."  I have a vivid recollection of a sample of something I synthesized tamped into a narrow glass straw, its crystals suddenly losing their structure and collapsing into a liquid.

I'm not pure by any means, but I think I may have reached the melting point tonight, and it was quite sharp.  I've been plugging away all week at a list of "things that must be accomplished" before weeks' end. Minutes ago I put the last touches on the exam that has to be ready tomorrow morning and just about collapsed into a professorial puddle.

One more task for the night and I really can collapse into bed.


  1. Prayers and more for you these days, my friend. That imagery of pure solids melting as they do, wonderful.

  2. You know, I've been praying all week for the students (like my older son) taking exams now. Should also be praying for the professors who are wrapping up classes and administering those exams. So...consider that done, today. Peace to your heart and, from the parent of a college student, thank you for what you do for the (big) kids!