Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bunnicula lives

This photo has been popping up in various places and I don't know who to attribute it to.  It reminds me of Bunnicula, the bunny who snuck into the refrigerator at night to suck the vegetables dry.

I saw the original bunny bun recipe and thought about trying it as a spring break treat.  Kneading is always therapeutic in my book and I could use some calm meditation time.  But I know going into it that the reality is more likely to look like Bunnicula than something out of the pages of Martha Stewart.

Reality is not a deterrent here.  My family abounds with crazy and creative bakers (yes, Dad, I mean you and those cakes for Cub Scouts) and some of the best family stories are not about recipes that succeeded beyond our wildest dreams (the hard rolls my dad developed are featured in the Spring Baking Sheet from King Arthur Flour!).  Like the potato rolls that you could have used as ammunition in a mortar.  Or the infamous monkey balls....

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  1. I always felt sorry for the family that "won" the R2D2 cake in the Cub Scout drawing. That coffee can pound cake was as tough as those potato rolls.