Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crash, crash again

We have a running family joke which requires someone to say, "We have no time for a visit to the emergency room!" at any family gathering.  It became firmly traditional after a memorable Thanksgiving where several such visits were made.  There were no visits to the emergency room this afternoon, but I'm thinking we need something a bit broader than this intercessory prayer.

The Boy went off to get his hair cut this afternoon, while he was out the weather turned rather nasty, sleet covering the untreated roads.  Not far from home, he had a fender bump (as far as we can tell, no fenders were actually bent in this accident).  He called me, upset, and frightened.  The other driver, an adult, was angry enough to make him feel unsafe.  I made sure he'd called 911, grabbed my purse and headed out.

I passed the accident, I put my emergency flashers on, and slowed down to make the turn into an access road just past where Chris was pulled over to the side.  As I turned, the jeep behind me tried to pass me, on the left.  In a no passing zone.  As I (quite legally) turned left.  There was a collision which ripped the front of Victor's car off, and left debris all over the roadway.  Now someone is yelling at me, and I'm calling 911, just as the police car pulls up.

I explain that this is not the accident he is looking for, and that I am concerned about Chris and the angry adult.  He looks at me, at the other driver, tells us both to get into our cars and stay there and heads right up to help.  I was grateful, but it was hard to be so close to Chris and not be with him.  I called him on the cell phone so at least he could hear my voice.

No one was hurt, for which I am grateful.  The very calm police officer kept everything from escalating.  Victor's car was towed.  The Jeep was towed.  Someone will come sweep up the debris.  I drove the Mini home and Chris made us tea.  Now I need to finish the laundry.  Whatever else happens, there is always the laundry.


  1. Oh Michelle, I am so sorry. What an afternoon! I'm glad no one was hurt, but I am sorry that the anger of one driver and the impatience of another, turned a difficult day even more so.

    Prayers all around!!

  2. Yes, thank God, there is always the laundry. :)

  3. Sometimes the laundry is an object of great gratitude.

    So very glad you are both ok, and wish you could just toss the car into the washer as well.

  4. Gosh, Michelle! What a day. You know the car crash thing as long as it is just a fender-bender is a royal pain. Rentals, waiting, insurance. But, if that is all you are contending with, not too bad. No visits to the ER.

    I was thinking mostly of your run to help you son and being so close and yet so far. Helping our kids is what we want to do most. Being able to do that is not always so easy. Not a huge fan of the group "Coldplay", but they have a song about fixing loved-ones (I think kids)called Fix You. When I hear it all I see is my now adult daughter. Give it a try on YouTube.

    BTW Laundry is my least favorite thing, but it is always there. Very loyal.


    Have a better Sunday.

  5. That's a hellish day by any standards and I'm amazed you could do anything afterwards, let alone the laundry !! I'm relieved to hear that that it was fenders that got crushed and not flesh. Blessings

  6. So sorry that you and your son had such a day but glad that you are both fine.

  7. That IS an awful day. I was driving south from Easton to home (just east of Philly) right about that time and I can attest to how scary the conditions were. I'm glad everyone is physically OK. I'm even more glad that the police officer listened to you and made sure that things were OK for your son.

  8. Just reading this now - I am glad that everybody is OK and that nothing escalated. In your case, this is Beware the day after the Ides of March.

    Be safe out there!

  9. whah, what a day. glad that calm heads prevailed and no worse damages.