Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eddies in time

The last few weeks have been hectic,getting everything done that needed to be tended to while I was in Japan, while still keeping the everyday pace of teaching and life going.  At times it's felt like I was in some odd eddy in the time stream (clearly, I watch too much Star Trek) trying to live two different weeks at the same time.

The streams finally poured through a gate and I'm back to juggling just one moment at a time.  I'm in Kyoto, where I got up at 5:00 am, walked up to Choin-in up the hill from where we are staying for morning services.  It was a rich sound scape, the thunk as we kept the beat for the procession on gourds, the chant, the bells, the sharp clack-clack of the wood blocks, the chirping of the nightingale floor as we moved from one space to another, the ravens cawing in the pre-dawn stillness — and the roar of the motorcycle patrolling the grounds.

If you dress in the dark, you risk putting your shirt on inside out.  Something I didn't notice until it was too late to correct!    These bells are for praying for peace for children all over the world, which we did this morning.  The top is on inside out, but I don't think you can tell!


  1. I have been known to put on my shirt on inside out with the lights on!!! Have a wonderful time in Japan.

    1. I am in good company, then!

  2. um confused. how can one watch too much Star Trek?

    how wonderful to go to that side of Japan.