Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Crash Course: Gratitude and Delight

The Boy with periodic table bow tie 
and cast members from The Circle of LIfe
The Boy is working for a local musical theater company (its alums include Tina Fey and one of the priests at my parish) which opened its 39th season today.  His paid work is for the marketing and publicity group, but he is also an unpaid assistant stage manager and has a role in the main stage production of Shrek.  Part of his job is to write about the program, and I have really enjoyed watching him chronicle his adventures.  Crash has blogged almost as long as I have (seven years), writing his way into and out of high school and college, but this is a new zone for The Boy.

The first three weeks have meant 14 hours days, but he leaves bouncing and comes home exhausted, but still grinning.  The hard work of getting a show cast and rehearsed and ready to perform in three weeks is done, but he writes that he has learned a lot.  I am touched by his sense of delight not only in performing but in running the small, but necessary errands.  If you ask him what he does, he says he solves "singular problems."  But I'm truly moved by the gratitude he expresses.  I'm incredibly proud of him.

Summer has many small delights for which I am grateful, too.  Stratoz is writing here about a long day after which he walks to hear God speaking in the flowers, while Robin is writing about rediscovering wonder, and MaryBeth is praying to be still, praying to be.

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