Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trampled by Disney princesses

I went to The Boy's show tonight.  It's a Disney revue (check out the Lilo and Stich bow tie and Lion King face paint), and the audience was packed with miniature Disney princesses.  Elsa to the left of me, Elsa to my right, Elsa behind me.

When the real Elsa came on stage, the little Aurora next to me gasped, "Elsa!" Snow came dancing down from the ceiling, thunder cannons went off.  The Electric Light Parade redux was astounding (I will date myself by saying that I saw the parade when it first played at Disneyland).  It was a great show and I loved the energy of cast and audience.

The last piece had the cast in the aisles, singing The Circle of Life. As it ended, the mother next to me almost climbed over me to get out.  Politely, I must say.  When I suggested she might want to wait until the cast cleared the aisles, she thought that was a good idea.  But once the cast was out, it was every princess for herself.

The rush to get your photo with Elsa or Merida or Jasmine was intense. The lines were long, with the staff from the show keeping the line moving.  "Just one picture, please!"  I waited in Merida's line -- not because I was a hot shot archer in college -- but because her assigned handler was so handsome I had to take his picture. #ProudMother

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