Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Keeping vigil

I came to church tonight to stay.  I came early and sat at the foot of the altar, looking back at the rose window of Our Mother of Good Counsel, enjoying the light washing the walls with soft, deep colors, and the stillness.

I stayed through the briefing for the Easter Vigil, taking blocking notes for Crash, who will be an altar server, but tonight is still at Wonderful Jesuit University, madly writing papers.

The light had left by the time I headed to the old school on the parish grounds, stopping to grab my sleeping bag on the way.  I'm taking a turn as portress at the shelter here, keeping vigil over the Body of Christ, in these little ones and their mothers. Tomorrow night, I'll be back here, on the other side of the parking lot, keeping vigil again with Christ, in a chapel filled with light and flowers, a stark contrast to the toys and paper cups stacked on the plain table here tonight.

This space is no less sacred, no less imbued with God than the chapel whose walls I can see from my station at the door.  Stay here with me, I hear Christ saying, remain here with me.  Watch.  Pray.