Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Malverne Rolls

Malverne rolls
I posted some photos to Facebook the other day and my friend Robin asked what was with the "Malverne Rolls" that kept showing up in my timeline. Somehow this has gotten set as the default album that photos from my phone go to, so I now have about sixty photos of random events in that album.

Malverne rolls are a recipe developed by my dad in an attempt to duplicate the hard poppy seed rolls made by the bakery in Malverne, NY where my mother grew up.  They are incredibly right out of the oven, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  There are never leftovers.

Some of my best memories of visiting my dad involve driving up just as he pulls a pan full of these from the oven, and breaking bread standing in the kitchen.  The rolls still steaming inside, spread lavishly with butter.  Sustaining on so many levels.

A few years ago, King Arthur's baking magazine showed up in the mail, and the Egg looked at the cover and said, hey, someone else makes something called Malverne Rolls.  So we turned to the recipe and started reading the back story.  It quickly became clear that this was my dad's recipe.  He hadn't seen it yet, so it was fun to call him up and let him know.

The recipe is here:  Take all of you and eat.

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