Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Not by Bread Alone

When I lived in Southern California, I was a regular at the LA Religious Education Congress. As a high school student I went to the "Youth Day," which meant a day off school and a chance to experience Catholicism outside the bounds of my parish, then as a grad student I went as a catechist enjoying dipping into the wonderful array of talks. I seriously missed that energetic gathering of catechists when I moved East some thirty-five years ago.

This year, part of me got to go to the Congress, or rather my book go to go! One of my Liturgical Press editors send the larger than life photo to me. I could not possibly have imagined this when I was a high school student.

And if you're still looking for some Lenten can order it from Liturgical Press, paper or electrons, English or Spanish.


  1. Loving the Lenten reflections. Thank you. I bought enough copies for 75 of my closest friends!