Book Discussion

Robin of Metanoia and I have been guesting on each other's blogs, discussing Martin Laird OSA's book  Into the Silent Land.  Laird looks at contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition, weaving practical advice throughout.  It's a wise and gently witty book.

Read along with us, and join in the conversation.


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    bad link
    what is augustinian...

  2. Thanks! Fixed, I hope....

  3. So both you and Robin have commented about not getting much traffic for the book blog. I'll admit to reading it and waiting anxiously for the next installment. I actually had a point when you were on hiatus when I thought hmm... did they lose steam or was the book that short?

    I'm in a funny personal space and I think meditation might be for me but can't quite get myself started. The back and forth has been enlightening for how you think about it. I have no comments because I'm not actually doing anything to act on that desire.

  4. I was doing book blogs with a friend too! I will bookmark you on my own blog. Look forward to checking this all out! And Robin, "What are we without our stories" is one of my go to lines. Story really speaks to me!