Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I consider myself reasonably savvy when it comes to social media - at least for someone my age.  I don't Snapchat, I do tweet and Instagram.  I have a sense about how private things are and (mostly) are not in cyberspace.  I have a public persona, who writes and speaks and teaches.  But until this week I didn't know about my "other" box on Facebook messaging.

I feel compelled to note that my public Facebook profile shows I am married.  I do not write about looking for romance on my blog.  I might add that I have gray hair, rarely wear as much make-up as lipstick, and have a Rubenesque figure.

So why do I have multiple messages from men I don't know in my "other" box - from men who "hope I don't mind" this intrusion?  I do mind.  I am not flattered.  I am not game.  #YesAllWomen

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