Thursday, March 26, 2020

Prayer in the time of corona virus

To-do list on yellow pad. Went for a walk at 5:30! #self-care
God, help us to lift our eyes from our books and lists and calendars. Grant us the eyes to see you in every encounter and every task in our day. — Prayer for the 4th Thursday of Lent, Not By Bread Alone

I wrote this prayer months ago, when I had no inkling that I would be spending these days with my eyes fixed on my computer's calendar and on my books as I scramble to retrofit my course to work for students now scattered to the four winds. My to-do list grows faster than I can tick off the tasks on it. Lectures to record, worksheets to develop, memos to write, deadlines to shift, forums to start, new software to master.

And the email. Out of the depths of my email, I cry to you, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice! O let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleading. I wrote 30 emails today, over 100 dropped into my work inbox, not counting the junk. Please, O Lord, slow the torrents.

Grant, God that I might see you in the faces on my screen, encounter you in passing in my email, and experience you in the tasks that must be done to keep the house running. O Lord, I left a load in the washer....

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  1. The to-do lists may not be longer than before, just different. We are adjusting to a whole new way of reaching our students and colleagues. I am glad to see that "self-care" is on your list of to-do's. It's too easy to let that go. Keep well.