Thursday, December 30, 2021

Reckless grace

“Be recklessly gracious.” read the post on a friend’s Facebook stream. What does reckless grace look like in my life? Unplanned conversations with a stranger? A sentence or paragraph I write? An image I share? Something I choose not to say? 

Can I be in this year to come, recklessly patient, recklessly compassionate, recklessly gracious? Equally can I be open to the grace that is restlessly swirling around me?


  1. Love this! In 2022, I will be "recklessly good" to myself, starting with my new red shoes!

    1. Am wearing those red shoes today to altar serve!

  2. Happy New Year! When I was in high school, we had a nun who would not allow girls to wear red. Red shoes wouldn't have been an option (saddle shoes were the uniform requirement) but even a red head band was taboo. Just too reckless!

  3. Red for the Holy Spirit! But that's too funny. Meanwhile my school uniforms WERE red plaid. Maybe that's what happened?