Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Devil that Doesn't Wear Prada

I've been wanting to read The Devil Wears Prada since it came out, but couldn't quite justify getting the hardback -- or really even the paperback for just a "beach read". As part of the entropy reduction project on the home front, I've been clearing out shelf space and bringing the books in to work to leave on the free books table. (A remarkable number seem to find a good home in this way!) Dropping off the latest collection I discovered a copy of The Devil free for the taking. I'm still ahead on the entropy front, though. I left 3 bags and only took 2 books.

It's mesmerizing. It's not the descriptions of the Jimmy Choo's or an insider's look at the fashion industry that has me sucked into this book -- it's the tyranny of the boss. Part of me reacts to my life the same way Andrea does to Miranda. The laundry dings, and I spring into action like Andrea does at the ring of her cell. The clutter that threatens to encroach on every horizontal surface sends me on a hunt for a mauve piece of paper that may be (or may not be) still in the house. I don't have that much more to go on in my quest than Andrea did when tracking Miranda's siting of some vintage dresser in an antique shop. Except that the clutter doesn't seem to be sociopathic.

Like Andrea's relationship with Alex, I sometimes feel that kids and spouse has to taken second place behind tending the demands of the clutter and the laundry. It's for them, I say, but I'm not sure they care at any given moment that they won't be able to find the band camp registration paper or a clean pair of socks tomorrow morning. How can they live in the moment, while I'm continually living in the next?

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