Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's all Greek to me

I'm convinced my kids are studying classical Greek drama on the side.

First Child: We heard about middle school today. The lunch is 2.25 a day, that's twenty-five cents more than at the elementary school, so I'll need 11.25 a week for a lunch ticket. You can have a cell phone...

Second Child (simultaneous with the first): We had closet day today, and made masks in art.....

Mother: [Second Child] please let your brother finish.

First Child: Yeah, [Second Child] let me finish.

(Second Child wails loudly)

Mother: [First Child], if I had wanted a Greek chorus effect, I would have asked for one!

Second Child (still wailing): Yeah, [First Child]!

You can replay the scene several times in a 2 mile car ride, if you or your passengers choose. First Child and Second Child parts may be swapped at will.

Classical studies are a great foundation for an interesting life.

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  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Other similarities:

    Sometimes the tragedy rules are followed and the gore happens off stage, with the chorus and leader trooping on to recount what occurred ("X hit y! And now xis___") with demands for justice (x him, Mom!/When I did __, you (provided such and such punishment) to me!).

    Unity of time: Sometimes as well, all the drama happens in one day. Each day is a new play.

    Unity of place: The house can hold more earthquakes than you think it can.