Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fifty Things

I'm trying to throw away fifty things this week. I want less "stuff" to tend in my life as I reach my 50th year. The rules:

1. Keep a list of what gets tossed.
2. Only categories count. You only get one point for old magazines, not one point per magazine! (I could have gotten almost all the points for the week by just tossing periodicals.)

I'm going to try to do fifty a week until I leave for 8 days in silence in July. How much more space (exterior and interior) will I have when I have 400 fewer things?


  1. Are you doing this to avoid writing that letter?

  2. I love this idea. Mind if I play along?

  3. Ps, welcome to the RevGals! I am immensely intrigued by your intro on the blog and look forward to reading you often!

  4. Mary Beth, thanks! Please do play along - I'd love the company on this journey!

  5. What a good idea! I'd love to have more interior and exterior space!

  6. My husband returned after a weekend away and actually noticed the increase in exterior space (the interior space is harder for us all to see!)

  7. Cool idea! My birthday is much sooner, but I think it would be a good thing... I guess it doesn't count to remove someone ELSE'S clutter, eh? ;)


  8. wow- what a task- please let us know how it goes; peace and blessings

  9. Oh, I LOVE this; count me in, too--maybe I'll even blog about it on this far by faith (hey, testimony, of course). Blessed Freedom in the Spirit of Pentecost!

  10. what a terrific idea.

    I've got a bit over 2 years until I turn 50 - and if I start now even with only 50 a month how much happier I would be :)

    wondering if the teens could go first :) only kidding (I think)

    50 things this week I like it!

  11. This is just for me - I need to play this in the WORST WAY.
    I am going to play too. It might give me a panic attack, but I will do it.

    Does giving things away count? Like to Goodwill?


  12. Welcome

    you are amazing!

    My heart stopped at how you would do it. But if it gave the challenge to my husband he would find 50 in a blink.

    I'm such a hoarder

  13. I am so glad to have company and prayers on this journey! I

    And yes, Cathy, by my rules, giving it away definitely counts (but you can always make up your own ;-) ). lorna, I think the teens probably have to stay, but my newly minted teen got a huge chuckle out of your comment (reported around our dinner table today). Deb, I'd love to tackle my husband's stuff, but it's definitely one of those plank in your own eye kind of things!!

    Revem, I have to admit, when I think of taking 400 things out of my life, it's pretty heart stopping, but I can't figure out if it's because it's such a huge number or because I have that many things I don't need, in a world when so many have so little?

  14. Oh Michelle - this came right on cue for me, as I've decided that the physical clutter in my life is actually impacting on all sorts of interior stuff too. I'd decided on 3 things to put away or throw away each day...but have slipped badly.
    Could we hold each other accountable maybe? I've got bags sorted for the charity shop, which is a beginning...

  15. Kathyrn...I'm glad I'm not the only one where the external clutter is overflowing into the internal spaces!

    Accountabilty is a definite help (it's the primary reason I posted the list on the blog)....