Friday, May 18, 2007

Old Rages

I decided tonight I could learn quite a bit from looking at the list of what I've moved out of my life. Maybe it would help me consider what kinds of things I let take up housekeeping with me! Each thing I tossed this week had it's own small discernment that went along. Why do I keep it? How does it serve the house? my family? me? If it were not in the house, would anyone miss it?

I went shopping tonight to get supplies for a wedding party I'm helping host on Sunday. As I wandered the aisles at IKEA, admiring the plethora of shiny household items arrayed with Swedish precision, I kept asking myself, why would I want to bring any of this home? (Full disclosure: I came home with extra champagne flutes for a toast, $0.75 each; napkins; and three new plants.) What do I really need?

Looking at the list tonight to begin my examen, I realized I had a typo: old rages appeared instead of old rags. I'm afraid it's a Freudian slip! Old angers are definitely something to toss if I want more interior space. My office and living room are both noticeably clearer after this weeks' fifty, it would be nice to feel equally spacious on the interior.