Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Consumer Reports

Last summer, as part of the fifty fewer project, I decided to opt out of tissues and into handkerchiefs. I bought a dozen or so, mostly hemstitched linen, hankies. Each hanky cost about twice as much as a box of tissues, so I figured return on investment might be slow in coming -- but these things last forever. With the awful cold I caught from Math Man via Crash, came the acid test of my un-consumer option.

If you need to blow your nose a hundred times in a day (don't ask) the following rating scale might help - from worst to best.

  • KimWipes (scientists will know this one)
  • generic tissues
  • Kleenex cold (the citrate in it kills viruses, but is NOT kind to tender skin, there is only so much I'll sacrifice for public health)
  • linen handkerchiefs
  • Kleenex regular
  • cotton lawn handkerchiefs
  • Puffs with lotion
Overall, I'm glad to be feeling better tonight. I apologized to Math Man if I'd been a cranky convalescent. "Not cranky," he allowed, as I breathed a sigh of relief, "more whiny, I think!"


  1. Thanks for the welcome note! April 12th is a good day on which to be born. :-)

  2. I think an exemption can be provided for "honkers of a cold" - for lots of reasons.

    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

  3. as a scientist... I have a memory of hearing the public health positives of being wasteful with Kleenex... if that is true then one has to decide between public health and the environment. it is good to have cause to be whiny and have someone still love you.

  4. I'm so sorry you were sick!

  5. I've used Kimwipes, in desperation. I do not recommend them, either. (Ugh.)

    Thank you for your list, and for doing sufficient experimentation for the rest of us to learn from. Now I understand why I've had to change from hankies to tissues in the middle of bad colds: the hankies weren't cotton lawn! This, I can remedy.

  6. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I've used KimWipes in emergencies as well, and I agree.