Saturday, May 31, 2008

What part of "control freak" don't you understand, Mother?

Crash, the Boy and I went to dinner tonight. There is a nearly blind left turn on the route. As I turn my head to check for traffic coming from the right, Crash leans forward to look as well - completely blocking my view as I pull out. I hit the brake, pushed him back against the seat and then made the turn. As we drove, I explained why he couldn't do that (and that Math Man does it every time!). His response? "What part of 'control freak' don't you understand, Mother?"

I understand control all too well, I'm afraid -- and with teens in the house am learning more everyday.

Meanwhile this morning, Barnacle Boy was musing that our neighbor, Grown Girl, will be learning to drive this summer, followed by his cousin (the sib of She of the Book) next year, then Crash the year following (Crash???)...

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