Friday, July 11, 2008

Mom Overboard

We brought the boat along today so I could sail while the boys had their class. The wind was great - at one point I was hiked all the way out, and the lee rail was 9" under water. Wheeeee.....

After class, the boys took my boat out for some more practice. I let Crash take the helm, and he offered to sail me out to the neat rock outcropping they'd sailed to after lunch. In an attempt to avoid being too much of a back seat skipper, I sprawled on the bow deck, on my back with my eyes closed, chatting with Crash. We're about 2/3 of the way there when a gust hits. I feel the boat heel over, decide maybe I should sit up. Too late. Next thing I know I'm headed into the water, head first, completely expecting the boat to be following me. Crash sensibly lets go of the sheet and lets the boat head up into the wind and it rights itself. Good work, Crash!

He is such a good guy; he manfully contains his laughter as I try to drag my soaking body back over the side. I finally get in by essentially chinning myself on the boom while Crash drags me aboard by the feet. Then we break down in helpless laughter.

My gentleman of a son offers to take me back to shore to dry off, rather than continue the tour. That and I think he couldn't wait to tell Math Man and Barnacle Boy about the whole thing...

The photo is of Crash going for a dunk...


  1. How close is this CRASH GUY to turning 16?

    You may want to sit up when teaching him how to drive.

  2. He's close enough to make me worry...

  3. Dunking aside, sailing sounds like a nice, peaceful way to spend a day!