Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pirate Camp

I think I signed them up for sailing camp, but really ...it's pirate camp. Right now I'm watching two catamarans, each with 5 boys on board, jockeying for position on the lake in front of me. The goal? To board the other boat, unhook the main sheet (temporarily incapacitating the enemy) and regain the safety of one's own boat. Getting wet? That's a plus.

Crash and Barnacle Boy are on the left hand boat.


  1. May I suggest St. Nicholas, the patron of Sailors?

    Best of luck being the mother of two pirates!

    God is Love,


  2. That looks fun! My older son and his friends did something like that on a school whitewater-rafting trip...they had 2 rafts full of kids (and they NAMED the rafts). Their purpose was to soak kids in any OTHER rafts.