Monday, September 29, 2008

Monastic Habits

I spent much of today tucked away in my office working on "the book" - reworking the chapter I finished the weekend before last. I'm so delighted to have my mind clearly back in my brain. It was pretty chilly that weekend, and despite Barnacle Boy's pleas, I declined to turn on the heat. He teased me about being "Nanook of the North" as I donned my official (!) brown Blogger sweatshirt, pulled up the hood and went to work. The look was vaguely monastic...maybe I've picked up more from the Augustinians than I think?

I was cold again today, so donned my "habit" and that coupled with my enforced silence and "enclosure" (to keep Fluffy off of my keyboard) - made for a monastic day. For the record, silence is easier when everyone else around you is keeping it.


  1. agree on that last sentence... I have been at Wernersville when youth groups have been there. For the most part they have been respectful, but makes for a different silent retreat.

    glad your mind made it back home, though I have to point out it took longer than Fluffy.

  2. least I knew where my mind was!