Saturday, September 27, 2008

Troubled Teens

I think I have a troubled teen on my hands. My resident problem child stays out all night, brings home completely unsuitable friends, seems to be experiencing mood swings, is on occasion defiant, and has once run away from home for several days. Thank heavens it's the cat, and not one of my sons. Since Fluffy's recent experience being AWOL, she seems to have entered a wild stage.

She's been out all night and returned with a nick in her ear, but otherwise unscathed.

On Monday I learned a new thing about cat behavior, they can meow (loudly) with their mouths full. After I absently-mindedly opened the door to her plaint, I discovered belatedly she had a friend with her (I know, I learn slowly!). A live friend. I suggest firmly that she and her friend go back outside. No. I chase her and her wriggling captive into the living room. The chipmunk valiantly grabs onto the area rug and earns its freedom. God is good, no? Certainly from the chipmunk's point of view. Me? I'm having visions of a family of chipmunks living in the kids' closet. Fluffy and I both make haste to capture the critter. Grabbing a trashcan as I go, I win. Now I have a very anxious chipmunk trapped against the wall, Fluffy batting at my ankles and no lid within easy reach. The trio moves down the hallway, I put my foot against the trashcan and reach into the hall supply closet. Voila! A manila envelope to top off my trap. I slide it in, tip the contraption upright and we're well on our way to a chipmunk free house.

Right now, Fluffy is sweetly sleeping next to me, on silk pillow, looking for all the world like a pampered pet. Just don't cross her...


  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Glad to hear that Fluffy made it home safely. And that the chipmunk is safe as well :)

  2. since I have made a life of being one and then teaching them, this is not where I thought the title of your post was leading to...

    been enjoying your many posts of late

  3. giggles12:15 PM

    I come here via Stratoz... I enjoyed reading your first post about Fluffy, thinking smugly to myself...glad we have "indoor cats." Well, "Goldie," foiled that belief last night, when at 1am, she (til that moment was sitting calmly peering out the screen door into the wet darkness) crashes through the screen and in less than one leap and bound is gone into the night!! (Mind you, because she is an "indoor cat," she has no collar nor up to date rabies vaccination- Clearly I have to rethink that strategy!!) I go out in search of her, but lacking adequate flashlight and hearing no sounds of her or other cats defending their territory resign myself in the hope that she will return in the morning.... And luckily for me, that is exactly what she three children non the wiser.... I chalk it up to instinct ... more powerful than previously imagined at least in our cats! Great visuals with your current post!! Cheers!

  4. teen update...Math Man just howled as she came trotting in behind him, very deceased squirrel in tow. Very soon, I imagine a warning sign hung on our property by the local fauna..

    giggles - my previous cats were "indoor", but I still got them rabies shots, just in case

    stratoz - since I can't talk, I write!! glad that my days of affliction are bring joy somewhere..

  5. remember I am German and we all have some Schadenfreude in us.