Friday, May 01, 2009

The Last Typing Mother

"Hey, Mom, do you know what tomorrow is?" wonders Barnacle Boy. "April 30?" True, but not quite why he was so excited. It was the last day he needed to have his hand immobilized 24/7. He celebrated the removal of the ultra bulky cast device two weeks ago, replaced with a much more discreet model. As of Wednesday he only needs to buddy tape the last two fingers while "active" (which is more time than you think!).

It should have been a red letter day on my calendar too. I've been Barnacle Boy's typist for the last two months, typing any substantial piece of work for school. Transcribing his chicken scratches was mostly fun -- I haven't had this close a look at his work in a long time, and it's fascinating to see how his mind works -- though like any task, timing was everything.

A while back I happened across this post on a now presumably extinct academic species -- the typing wife. I'm happy to be on the endangered list as the "typing mother"!


  1. I feel Barnacle Boy's joy. the 30th was my last day of going to OT twice a week for 60 days. as with the cast, it led to healing (I hope).

  2. Hopefully it feels like resurrection!

  3. hmmm do you have to relate everything to spirituality ;')