Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contemplation in Action

I saw this video on People for Others (full disclosure, I have not watched it with the sound on, so turn on the sound at your own peril!). I'm drawn by the vibrant colors against the white background and by the ways in which the people engage (and don't) the cupcakes coming their way. But most of all I love the elegant, slow motion trajectories of the cupcakes as they fly through the air. In some weird way, I find it a very contemplative thing to watch!? Or very Ignatian? or both?

I kept thinking about the principle and foundation - and the ways in which we field or (do not!) what comes flying our way, but to contemplate how it might deepen our relationship to God and to others. And the slow motion made it feel like the Examen to watching the day's graces and bobbles spin past. And it's messy - and I so often find grace to be a messy thing, overflowing its banks and moving in ways I do not expect, or could not predict.


  1. that is awesome! thank you for sharing!

    the slow (stop?) motion details are phenomenal. very cool.

    ps. the soundtrack is great as well! turn your speakers way up!

  2. Oh my. I have to share that!

    It was amazing!! And, I too loved the soundtrack!

  3. I went with volume which caused a bit of dissonance with the jazz I had playing... strange the things people throw at you.

  4. OK, this is very weird.