Monday, May 24, 2010

Into the Silent Land

Tomorrow, at the very edge of dawn, I plan to grab my backpack and start walking -- at least as far as the train station. Then it's alternating trains and feet until I wash up on the Atlantic shore some 12 hours and 350 miles away from home. (Google suggests it would take 5 days -- walking 24 hours a day -- to walk the whole way). I'm off to spend 8-days in silence on retreat here.

I spent nearly 5 weeks here a year and a half ago, making the Spiritual Exercises (you can find some of my reflections on my experiences here). It was, and continues to be an enormous reservoir of grace in my life.

I've left some posts up to appear on the blog, including my columns - but have decided to leave my computer behind for the duration - so won't check in until I'm back.

Up and coming? A blog back and forth with Robin of Metanoia on Martin Laird's Into the Silent Land with a guest appearance from the author. Watch this space for the start of our guest blogging series!

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  1. This is the upcoming book for the Wisdom Class at my church--a book study that meets weekly. I love the book and hope others will, too.