Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

Barnacle Boy is at the 8th grade farewell dance, Crash and the Fluffster are watching a movie on the sofa and I've finished my column for next week (I think). Too tired to write any more, but needing to stay up to fetch the Boy back, I've been surfing through favorite sites to see what I've missed during the push to the finish line. Favorites...

Now and then: a fairy tale of a poem by a friend — these roses have thorns

Salvation isn't comfortable at DotMagis.

So, should I worry about my cat? Was the partially digested bunny head on the bedroom floor a gift? or warning?

The Joys of Grading and what not to say in a paper....

A lovely reflection on traveling by artandsoul.

The Boy calls -- time to put the taxi sign back on the Mini.


  1. Can't wait for the next column! I know you'll probably be taking a break for a week - enjoy your peaceful space!

    Taxi days are busy, but they sure do pass quickly. These days I ask my daughter if I can take her places, just to get that extra time with her.

    She is very dear about accommodating me. :)

  2. I do enjoy that part of the taxi service, but some part of me thinks that if you spend 3 hours in the car you should get further from your house than you do on your bike!!!

    And the columns will keep coming while I'm away, I just write ahead :)