Sunday, September 11, 2011


The Philadelphia archdiocese not only has a new archbishop (who rumor has it is a Star Trek fan), but a new archdiocesan publication. I've yet to see a print copy, but this is modern evangelization and so "there's an app for that": on the iPad, and on the web. My article is here. (If the text in the call out looks familiar to anyone who's made the Exercises, that's because it's St. Ignatius, which the article makes clear!)

And while I may look dressed up on top, the photo was taken this summer, and I've got on capris and tennis shoes along with the pearls!


  1. Congratulations on yet another successful ministry of spiritual writing! Your diversity of gifts and generosity in putting them at the service of God's people is really amazing...

  2. Re pearls/capris: I love that trick.

  3. Awright!

    (And, what flacie said.)