Saturday, December 07, 2019

285 hz

“In 1988, Biochemist Glen Rein, Phd, converted and recorded Solfeggio scale Gregorian chants to scalar audio waves. The results were played to test tubes containing DNA. By measuring UV light absorption, Rein could document the effect of the music on DNA. He also compared the chants with other forms of music, including rock. While rock music had little or no influence, the chants caused a marked increase of light absorption, up to nine percent, leading Rein to conclude that Solfeggio scale sound frequencies cause resonance in DNA, and may have healing properties.”  — from Gaia

It was like being inside the resonant cavity of a guitar. My study rang with the high pitched noise of my neighbor’s leaf blower. It would build up to a great whine, wound like an old watch spring tighter and tighter, until with a whoosh it would stop, and I could feel all the tension melt away. This went all on afternoon. I could understand the necessity that drove this. The leaves needed to be cleared to the curb before the expected rainstorm. It was the weekend. The weather was temperate. But it was relentless, and I am working hard to finish a manuscript.

I finally pulled out my decibel measuring app, trying to figure out if it was the sheer noise level or a particular frequency.  The app showed the dominant frequency was 285 hz (and the level a reasonable 70 or so decibels). It was too sharp for a C#, too flat for a D, so it felt off pitch to me. I was curious if it was a particularly obnoxious frequency, so did a quick search, to find that 285 hz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies. One with apparent healing powers.
285 Hz – This tone is useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns or any other form of damaged tissue. 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is said to be directly connected to our body´s, mind and soul´s blueprint for optimal health and physical wellbeing, due to its amazing ability to remember what should be and to return cells to its original form. It influences energy fields sending them message to restructure damaged organ. 285 Hz is about remembering and healing you, your internal organs and your energy.”
LOL. This frequency seemed directly connection to my brain all right, but healing was not what I was getting from it. I dug out my over-the-ear headphones and cued up some Star Trek engine noise. Now that was healing....


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