Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cat in the bag?

The cat actually isn't in my bag -- she's asleep on the sofa next to me, but earlier today she was enjoying exploring the contents of my purse. Inspired by Kathryn, I dumped my bag on the bed to see (a) if there was anything useful in it; (b) if it could shed some weight and (c) whether there was any uneaten chocolate there! Yes to (a) and (b), but not (c).

Oddest things in my bag: a clementine (I ate it)
Heaviest item: breviary
Lightest item: paperclip (ok, there were 10 paperclips in there?)
Least useful item: lipstick (can't remember when last I used it)
Most useful item: Moleskin with everything in it from my agenda to important phone numbers to notes for writing

And I had 4 pairs of glasses in there? What's the oddest thing you carry around?


  1. Breviary? Wow. Only my consecration rosary fits in mine. Probably a good thing since I often pull it out while driving and that wouldn't work so well with text :-).

    I keep my purse very small so it won't fill up so there's not much else besides wallet, phone, cardcase, pen sometimes, a rather dented Julian card and a lot of assorted other people's cards and scraps of paper with scribbles.

    Oddest things are receipts which I carry around for a while and then throw out--why I can't immediately throw them out I don't know. And, on the same principle, various little hard candies which I also couldn't leave when they came with restaurant bills but always forget about if I'm out and peckish--presumably because they're not chocolate.

  2. OOOH, I am scared to do this....

    If those glasses are cheaters, you can share them with your friends like we do here in the house with all the ones we have floating around.

    Perhaps I will do this when it's not right before work!